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Last Update: 11 Aug 2018
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Online ServicesOnline Services
Government to Community Services (G-C):
One-Stop bill e-payment center
e-BOOKING Welcome to the e-Booking System web site for Sarawak National Parks. We value your visit and would be pleased to assist you in making your Accommodation Booking Requests. Please fill out the Accommodation Booking Request Form below with all information requested and we will respond as soon as possible. Please note that this is an Online Booking Request Form only. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however we cannot guarantee availability. All the information submitted are held strictly confidential. Besides, Please provide us the correct information. Any incorrect information encountered in the Request Form will cause your request to be rejected by our officer. For more information, please Contact Us OR visit our webpage
TALIKHIDMAT (Log Enquiries, Complaints and Feedback) Public can log any complaints, inquiries and feedback on us by filling in the online forms throughTALIKHIDMAT SYSTEM. The system will produce a reference number to enable public to track the status of the case online.
Government to Business Services (G-B):
MICE ONE STOP SHOP : Government Facilitation Request Form For MICE One Stop Shop
SARAWAK TOURISM EVENT STANDARD Tourism Event Grant Application Form

Government to Government Services (G-G):
LMS Leave Management System
Handy Guide to Sarawak Government